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  • caffheine:

    there is something about an empty apartment that is haunting and comforting at the same time. 

    that is a gorgeous space.

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  • fruitcrocs:

    when someone repeats a joke you just said and they get the credit for it


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  • thaihaha:


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  • gvmma:


    House in Balsthal by Pascal Flammer | via

    Pascal Flammer created this timber house in Balsthal. There are two principal floors; one set 75 cm below the earth, one 1.50 m above. The ground floor consists of one single family room with a noticeably low horizontal ceiling. In this space there is a physical connection with the nature outside the continuous windows.

    The space above is the inverse. This floor is divided into four equal rooms with 6m high ceilings. The height defines the space. Large windows open to composed views of the wheat field. Whereas the ground floor is about connecting with the visceral nature of the context, the floor above is about observing nature – a more distant and cerebral activity.

    Dream house / imagine turning one floor into a giant studio with paper and books and pencils everywhere.  

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  • black-culture:

    Black Panther is a cartoon series by Marvel Animation in partnership with BET, which was blocked from being aired in the US. The creators manipulated the establishment into producing it, but only after it was financed and previewed did the establishment realize what had happened and then yanked it from airing. It is a most political savy cartoon and DVD sales have been atop the charts of comic movies since its release, making it a favorite of many. If you understand the West and its relationship to Afrika this will be one of your favs too!

    Alfre Woodard, Kerry Washington, Jill Scott and Djimon Hounsou starring as Black Panther, round out an all star cast for this wonderful and valuable work of art. Watch, learn, enjoy and share.

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  • whatthecurtains:



    Coraline is a masterfully made film, an amazing piece of art that i would never ever ever show to a child oh my god are you kidding me

    Nothing wrong with a good dose of sheer terror at a young age

    "It was a story, I learned when…

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  • abbensettsstudio:

    Maroon Princess of The West Indies: a photostory

    Click here for full story

    Model: Val
    Photographer - Kwesi Abbensetts

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  • the-goddamazon:



    Lets have a dystopian future movie where none of the actors are white

    Not a single one

    No reason

    No explanation

    There’s just no white people and not a single character questions it

    Watch how quickly people notice and get pissed off

    but wouldn’t it be better to put one white extra in the far background of a huge crowd shot for a few frames, so we could point to them every time someone gets pissed off?

    LOL this is still my favorite post.

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  • that-hijabi:

    Fierce || Left to Right: Red & Black Bow, Tiny Black Polka Dots, Black & White Polka Dots, by That Hijabi | Model/Blogger left to right: Xeenah (xeenah.com) , Sobia (cloakedwithfaithsobi.blogspot.com) Yusra (thatgirlyusra.com) | Green & White pants center: BulBul | Black dress right: Bulbul Clothing| Makeup by Zeba | Photography: Alica Kwoka

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  • roachpatrol:


    The level.

    i’m very angry and very impressed

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  • blackfashion:

    Asian Bird Button Up

    Darian Sims, 22, New Orleans


    ig: @dariansims

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  • dktrfaustus:

    sun ra arkestra @ battery park, NYC 8/7/14, pt. 2

    ! ♥

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  • grizzlyhills:





    i’m so upset

    I just realized that the reason ghosts say Boo! is because it’s a latin verb

    they’re literally saying ‘I alarm/I am alarming/I do alarm!!

    I can’t

    present active boōpresent infinitive boāreperfect active boāvīsupine boātum



    if it comes from the latin word, they’re actually saying “I’M YELLING!” which is even cuter

    do they speak latin because it’s a dead language

    a recurring favorite.

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